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ZWay Anything is awesome for individual drivers or businesses alike. Drivers make more money with a simple 10% fee structure, the lowest by far in the industry.  For businesses, ZWay Anything is the only last-mile platform you need for your local deliveries.

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Our goal is to simplify delivery and recycle funds back into local communities.

Why Drivers Love ZWay

Lets face it... your working to make money. ZWay Anything offers the lowest fee structure in the industry by a mile, so you can keep more of what you earn.

Daily Route Delivery

You can drive your own car of course, or in select cities you could come drive one of our vans and work dedicated hours on fixed routes. ZWay offers competitive hourly pay rates.

Easy To Use Mobile App

Our mobile app keeps track of everything, so that you can concentrate on driving and shipping.  Our tech us built around the most important element, and that is the drivers.

Why Choose Us?

Full Compensation

With ZWay, you always receive 100% of your tips.

Part Time & Full Time

We work around your schedule.

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